Mini Course (5 lessons)

Sticks on Snare image (5 drum lessons mini course)

Mini course of 5 lessons = £160

Was £200 Saving £40

Description: 5 sessions of one-to-one drum lessons (5 X one hour)

Mini Course details

The 5 lessons are intended to be taken as a course of one lesson per week for 5 weeks.  However, this is flexible and adaptable to suit the student’s schedule and/or requirements. 

Each Mini Course is tailored to suit the aims and needs of each individual student – whether learning drums just for fun or going down the route of professional development as a drummer and studying towards formal qualifications.

A regular weekly time slot suits some students, whereas others need a more variable time slot to fit around other commitments.

Depending on previous experience, musical interests and the student’s aims, lessons can include the following topics:

  • Groove playing
  • Technique and control
  • Coordination and independence
  • Time feel development
  • Aural perception
  • Creativity and improvisation
  • Concepts and thought processes
  • Drumming within the context of a band
  • Drum kit set-up and maintenance
  • Dynamics and expression
  • Reading and writing drum notation
  • Performance skills
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