Drum clinics, Drumming workshops and Drummer events

Going to drum events, drumming workshops and clinics with established drummers is a great way to learn new tips and tricks on the drums.

Here are the answers to the most frequently-asked questions about drum clinics, drumming workshops and other drummer events.

The names of the different activities can cause a bit of confusion, so let’s take a look at the general definitions of some of the different types of activity that are available. This will help you know what to expect from attending these sessions.

Drum Clinic

What is a drum clinic?

A drum clinic usually features one or two guest drummers presenting their own approach to the drums. It may include an element of performance by the drummer to demonstrate the techniques and concepts that have been talked about. Drum clinics are often similar to a ‘lecture’ format, where the drummer presents their ideas about a specific topic or style of music. Most drum clinics usually include a Q&A session.

Drum Workshop

What is a drumming workshop?

Workshops are usually more hands-on types of events with participation and practical demonstrations. Think of it more like a group ‘class’ or forum, rather than like a lecture or watching a performance. Drum workshops are usually held for fairly small groups of people.

Drum Masterclass

What is a drum masterclass?

Masterclasses can include/combine any of the elements of workshops and clinics. The main difference is a masterclass is usually presented by a well-known or famous drummer, who can be described as a ‘Master’ in their field. For this reason masterclasses tend to focus on the work of an individual drummer, or cover a specialist topic or theme.

Drum workshops & events in London

Elephant Drums is based in London, UK. All links to events and workshops shown on our website are either events that we are running ourselves or being hosted by our friends and partners around London. We maintain an active events diary of drum clinics, workshops and masterclasses throughout the year.

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