Pick of online drum lessons 2012Traditionally at this time of year we review our picks of free online drum lessons. These are some of best bits from the drumming archives:

Popular topics in 2012

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Review of the year

Besides our one-to-one lessons at our London studios we have been leading workshops, running events (including JamSocial), writing articles for drum publications, developing our home tuition services, and producing free online resources for our website.

In case you missed…

Rehearsal Studios in London for drum practice – a drummers’ guise to rehearsal studios and drum practice rooms in and around London. We’ve negotiated special rates for solo drummers wanting to practise drums and hire a drum kit. Usually the studios don’t have a public solo drummer rate, so this is one of the few places you’ll find this information. Look out for the exclusive special discounts for Elephant Drums students.

Drummers You Should Know – a series of articles where each of our teachers here at Elephant Drums give us their personal perspective on a drummer that has inspired and influenced their career.

Money Saving Tips For Drummers – some advice on ways to save money. Drumming doesn’t have to be expensive! There are many creative ways to cut costs without cutting quality

For the experienced player

Bo Diddley Diddles – a technical teaser with a creative twist. Looks at how to combine the Bo Diddley rhythm with paradiddles – to give us “Bo Diddley Diddles”.

Buy One Get One Free Double Strokes – every drummer learns about the double stroke roll early on in their drum studies but mastering this deceptively simple rudiment can take months of practise time to get it feeling comfortable at speed.

Triceratops Groove – this groove is based on the “Triceratops Triplets” idea and adds a few options turning it into a backbeat groove in a variety of time signatures.

For Beginners

Here are a few links to practical tips and articles that will help get you started on drums:

Drum Kit Repairs – at any stage of learning the drums it is vital to know how to perform at least a few basic repairs and know some maintenance tips in order to get the best out of your drum kit.

Spicing Up Paradiddles – paradiddles can add a fun and unique sound to your drumming. We explore how to spice up paradiddles and move them from the practice pad onto the drum kit.

Guide to buying a drum kit – Elephant Drums has put together this article to help answer the important questions when buying your first drum kit.

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Comments and Suggestions

Please comment below to suggest any areas of drumming you’d like to see discussed online over the coming months.

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