For most drummers our obsession with the drums means that we will at some point during our drumming lives catch ourselves banging old pots and pans using the kitchen utensils! It’s this raw, instant, feel-good experience which is the spirit captured by STOMP.

Performance show theatre

Elephant Drums goes to STOMP

We booked a section of the theatre and had a fantastic night out with a group from Elephant Drums. This event was part of the series of events and workshops drum students can take part in.

The show is a multi-award-winning hit and is famous for it’s energetic combination of rhythm, dance and comedy. The eight performers use everything from match boxes, plastic bags, bin lids and even the kitchen sink to hammer out explosively feel good rhythms.


Group photo at Stomp

On the set after the show – backstage tour

STOMP is a celebration of DIY rhythm-making using improvised instruments and body percussion, based on the primal urge we feel to drum on absolutely anything!

The everyday objects scattered around the set on the stage at the Ambassadors Theatre are turned into musical instruments in front of our eyes, creating dazzling dance routines backed by incredibly catchy rhythms.

These objects-turned-instruments range from things like newspapers, to zippo lighters, to brooms, and even shopping trolleys. After seeing STOMP you will never look at kitchen sink in quite the same way again!

The Performance

There are moments of well-choreographed slapstick comedy to break up the big musical routines. Even as drummers, watching 90 minutes of non-stop drumming (however novel the instruments) would become a bit tedious so the skill of the show’s creators is in the way the different characters all have a distinct personality.

The show had us all tapping our feet, dancing in our seats, amazed by the acrobatics, and laughing at the comedy moments. It’s a real feel-good show with plenty to keep everyone entertained. Assuming the rest of the audience were non-drummers it was great to be reminded how the power of rhythm can communicate so much. And to prove this, the whole performance had only one spoken word in it!

STOMP stage set

Stage set for STOMP

The success of STOMP as a global phenomenon must be due to its international appeal. Partly due to the lack of spoken words, partly due to the global influences of the music – it seems as though there are very few boundaries. The theatre was full of people of all ages and all nationalities.

Stage and Set Tour

We were lucky enough to be invited to meet the cast and have a tour of the stage set. This made the evening extra-special and memorable for all of us. We’d like to send a special thanks to the cast and crew for being so accommodating and for spending the time to show us round and answer our questions about drumming, their careers and the show.

Overall Review and Verdict

STOMP ticket

Our verdict: a great night out!

STOMP is a brilliant experience and hugely entertaining. It crosses all boundaries and celebrates the universal power of rhythm. As drummers we appreciated the skill involved in the intricacies of the music, which shows how hard the performers have to rehearse. Looking at the show from a non-drummer’s perspective it’s a great fun feel-good show.

We all left the theatre with the unanimous verdict that it was a totally brilliant night out. We look forward to doing other similar activities like trips to shows and gigs as part of our ongoing series of events and workshops.

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