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If you would like to create a link to Elephant Drums from your website, please copy and paste the html code from below to create your affiliate links.

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Elephant Drums
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Elephant Drums
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Elephant Drums - Drum Lessons in London
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Drum Lessons in London from only £25 per month! Visit for details.
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Drum lessons in London
£15 discount off your first lesson with Elephant Drums!
Simply click the discount code Taster_DISCOUNT-£15
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Make money – earn 12.5% commission

We welcome new affiliates

To become an afiliate all you need to do is copy&paste any of the HTML code from this page into your own website and then follow the instructions below to get paid your commission on sales.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an established online practice in which a business rewards affiliates for each visitor brought about by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts, which results in a sale. In other words, if you send customers to the Elephant Drums website which results in them signing up for lessons, we pay you a percentage of the order value.

Affiliate marketing is available to anyone with a website. It doesn’t matter if you get 5 or 50,000 visits to your website, so long as the website’s content is relevant and of high quality.

Affiliate Rates

We are happy to offer affilates a generous 12.5% commission for any new clients we generate as a result of a direct referral resulting in a new student signing up for lessons. For example, if a new student books a course of lessons for £450, we would pay 12.5% = £56.25

Become an affiliate

If you would like to become an affiliate, you need to first embed at least one of the HTML links provided on this page into the web page you intend to link to us from so we can assess your page for quality and relevance. Then contact us giving the URL of the page where the link to Elephant Drums is located. Once approved, we will issue your affiliate linking code (this uniquely identifies you as the source of the new customer). The cookie length is 180 days which means even users that click your link and then sign up independently up to 6 months later will still create the commission on sales.