Drumming Passport

The Drumming Passport course has been replaced by a new, simpler, more flexible course.

With membership you save 40% off the price of lessons, plus you get a load of additional benefits. It works out a lot cheaper than the old Drumming Passport course – click here for further details.

Membership is only £25 per month

The information below is for archive purposes only, the Drumming Passport course is no longer available to new students.

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One year of drumming tuition = £490 deposit

Please read the full details on this page before committing to buy.

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The deposit will secure the recipient’s place for a year’s worth of tuition. The total cost of tuition across the year is £1250. The remaining £760 is paid in monthly installments of £95 per month for 8 months. The deposit (first month payment) followed by the next 8 months of installments means the course is fully paid after 9 months, but you still have the remaining 3 months of the year to complete the course where no further payments are due.

Useful information

  • The Drumming Passport is valid for one year from the date of purchase.
  • The course lasts for 38 drumming sessions of one hour per session.
  • The sessions can be taken as an intensive course with a timetable that suits the student’s schedule, therefore it is possible to use up the sessions quicker than one year.
  • There can be breaks of up to 4 weeks between lessons, just as long as all 38 lessons are taken within one year (52 weeks).
  • The £490 deposit is non-refundable and is paid at the start of the passport to commit to the year.
  • The rate for lessons is then £20 per hour (£20 x 38 sesions = £760). Unused lessons paid in advance may be refunded if circumstances change during the year and the student needs to stop taking lessons.

Main benefits

The Drumming Passport payment plan is ideal if you are looking for a long-term course and you want flexibility with drum lessons, to build your own timetable, learn from a range of teachers across different specialisms, and save money.

The costs explained in detail:

The total cost of the Drumming Passport (38 x one-hour sessions) is £1250. The first £490 is paid upfront as a deposit to commit to the course. The remaining £760 is charged as £20 per session and can be paid by installments of £95 every month for 8 months.

£1250 for a year of private one-to-one tuition is outstanding value. If you booked 38 individual lessons at the standard hourly rate the same amount of tuition would cost £1710, therefore this is better than 25% discount.

A few questions you might have:

Why 38 sessions?
We have found that the average number of drum lessons taken in a year by our regular students is 38. There are 52 weeks in a year, but some weeks need to be skipped due to holidays and other commitments. Coincidentally, there are 38 weeks in the academic calendar so the course can easily follow the same structure as the school timetable if required. However, the main benefit is that it is entirely flexible to suit the individual. It is normally recommended that lessons are taken at a frequency of one session per week. It is theoretically possible for the student to use up all 38 hours within a couple of months of intensive tuition, but most students require time between sessions for practise and to fully absorb all the information they have learned.

How long does the course actually last for?

When 38 one-hour sessions have been completed, or after one year, whichever is soonest.

What happens if circumstances change and I need to cancel?

We expect commitment for the full year, but if your personal cicumstances change unexpectedly and there is a good reason to cancel, it is possible to terminate the standing order for lessons at any time and receive a refund for any lessons paid for in advance that are unused. Under the drumming passport scheme each drum lesson has a value of £20 per hour. The deposit is not refundable. Refer to the Terms of Booking for further details.

Looking for a shorter course?

We also offer a 3-month short course, or the 1-month mini course, or just a single one-hour lesson