Taiko Drumming Workshop

Introduction to Taiko Drumming

What’s happening?

Taiko West present free Taiko drumming classes at FestivalAsia in London. FestivalAsia is London’s biggest celebration of all things Asian.

Taiko drumming is usually associated with high-energy athletic drumming. In Japanese Taiko refers to any type of drum but outside Japan it has come to mean the specific performance style of a group of drummers.

The set of workshops at FesticalAsia are an introduction to the art of Taiko Drumming with your chance to get a taste of this exciting and energetic form of drumming.

Date & Time:

Friday 15th to Sunday 17th May 2015

Free, but you need to book an entry ticket to FestivalAsia (entry includes lots of other activities, shows, food and entertainment).

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Tobacco Dock
London E1

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Tobacco Dock

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