African Drums Workshop:

Instilling Instinctive Rhythm

This interactive workshop event is aimed at adult musicians wishing to develop their own tutoring skills to pass on drumming knowledge to younger drummers, aged 5-14.

Try out the djembe, dundun, bell and maracash instrument in this interactive workshop which explores the traditional African approach to learning music and encourages a higher level of aural musicianship.

Thursday 9 February 2017, 3.45pm

In this 45-minute session you will:

  • Understand the traditional African approach to learning music, and how to apply this to teaching children aged 5-14.
  • Learn how to approach important warm-ups such as body percussion, beat-boxing and call & response
  • Gain authentic material for teaching African drumming to young people and in a classroom environment
  • Understand an alternative approach to teaching music in the classroom which encourages a higher level of aural musicianship
  • Understand how the skills that students learn through African drumming can be transferable to music of all kinds

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