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JamSocal Live Performance Workshops


  • Live Performance Workshop
  • Play with a real band
  • Meet like-minded musicians

JamSocial is a music workshop for adults learning an instrument to come together in a non-judgemental environment to develop band skills and break down the barriers to performing on stage.

JamSocial is a series of events, meetups, jams and workshops, coordinated by London-based music tutors and hosted by Elephant Drums.

About JamSocial

JamSocial is a live performance workshop run by Elephant Drums, aimed at helping people who are learning an instrument to meet and get a taste for playing in a band.

Participants learn performance techniques, gain experience and confidence, and meet like-minded musicians in a non-judgemental environment.

How to take part

JamSocial ticketsTickets to take part (including tuition and the workshop) are reduced to a discount rate for all drummers learning drums at Elephant Drums.

Guitarists, Vocalists, Bassists and other musicians can book tickets via the JamSocial website or the ticket links below.

Spaces for JamSocial can be booked online at http://www.jamsocial.co.uk/tickets/

Further information

More details are available on a dedicated website www.JamSocial.co.uk.

Facebook users: there’s also a special Facebook Ticket App.

What’s JamSocial?

JamSocial is all about breaking down the barriers to performing. It’s also about developing stage skills and confidence in playing music with other like-minded musicians. More…

Who is it for?

All adult musicians are welcome, no matter of style or ability: jazzers, soulsters, rockers, folk musicians, self-taught individuals, new players, ‘rusty’ musicians, and the curious. More…

Where and When?

JamSocial events happen every couple of months at a real live music venue in London. Optional private sessions run every week to prepare participants for the next workshop. More…