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Give It A Go! The introductory lesson is a great way to find out if drum lessons are the right thing for you.

Book a ‘Give It A Go’ Session with your introductory discount.

The discount is £20 OFF the full price of a one-to-one drum lesson.

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Give It A Go

Taster Lesson - Terms (please read before booking)

Discount Lesson conditions:

  1. The session is for yourself only.
  2. It will be your first drum lesson with us.
  3. This taster discount offer is not applicable as a gift (see the awesome gift voucher packs if you want to give drum lessons as a surprise to someone else).

For detailed terms of booking and cancellation policies please refer to the Terms page

Already used your Taster Lesson discount? Here’s the link to Book A Full Price Lesson

What happens at the Taster Lesson?

The Taster Lesson follows a pattern depending on your previous experience. For beginners we’ll introduce the main concepts and provide a fun hands-on overview where you’ll be playing the kit throughout the session. By the end of the Taster Session you’ll have a firm grasp of the basics.

If you’ve played drums before please provide some details about your previous experience in the box on the booking form. We’ll use the information you give us to plan a bespoke introductory lesson based around your previous experience.

If you haven’t played for a long time we will use the session to assess where you are at and give practical tips to help iron out any bad habits you might have picked up since you last sat at a drum kit.

Taster lesson for beginners

The introductory lesson involves coordination exercises and games to get used to moving around the drum kit. We’ll run through the core principles such as how to hold the drum sticks and discuss each part of the drum kit. You will also try out introductory grooves, fills and other practical exercises to get a broad overview of what is involved in learning drums.

The precise content of the introductory lesson will depend on what takes the learner’s interest, plus any prior musical experience.

There’s no need to bring anything to the lesson – everything is provided.

Introductory lesson for experienced players

Drummers who want to brush up on skills or improve technique or need a dose of creative inspiration are more than welcome to take advantage of the introductory discount.

Please give a few details on the booking form about where you are currently at with your drumming and what you would like to work on.

Depending on previous experience, musical interests and aims, the introductory lesson for an experienced player can use any of the core topics as a starting point:

  • Grooves and fills
  • Hands/feet technique and control
  • Coordination and independence
  • Timing and feel
  • Ear training / aural perception
  • Creativity and improvisation
  • Concepts and thought processes
  • Drumming in a band
  • Drum kit ergonomics
  • Dynamics and expression
  • Reading and writing drum notation
  • Performance skills

After Your Taster Session

After the introductory drum lesson you can continue to make great savings on lesson fees by starting a Drum Pass for ongoing drum lessons.


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Ready to start drumming?

Why can’t a taster lesson be given to another person?

Taster lessons can’t be gifted to someone else because they are booked at short-notice and they are not geared up to cater for surprise lessons. Please choose a Gift Voucher if you want to give drum lessons as a very nice present to a friend, colleague or loved one. The recipient then has the flexibility to arrange their first lesson at a time that suits them anytime in the next 12 months. You can customise it, add any number of lessons, and it all comes presented as a voucher gift pack.

Gift Voucher Free Sticks

Gift Packs

If you are buying drum lessons as a gift for someone else, you will want to check out the fantastic gift pack options.

  • Choose to add more lessons if required.
  • Packs include a free pair of drum sticks.
  • Personalised voucher in gift wallet.
  • Free Drum Pass for even more benefits.
  • The recipient has the freedom to choose their own start date – anytime in the next 12 months.

Order a Gift Pack

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