Drum students share their experiences of drum tuition with Elephant Drums.

Here is a selection of quotes and feedback received from previous and current students / clients.

Student success stories and feedback

Sue on drums with Cranky Dogg

Eighteen months ago I’d never picked up a drumstick and had no idea what a ‘ride’ or a ‘groove’ were. Last week, I played drums with my band (Cranky Dogg) in our first ever performance at a charity gig in front of 130 people. It was an utterly brilliant experience!

As well as being seriously “rock and roll”(!), playing drums is hugely therapeutic. Will is a great teacher and I’d thoroughly recommend anyone considering playing drums to book a lesson with Elephant Drums. A word of warning though, you’ll get hooked…….!!!

– Sue, Bloomsbury

Now, I always thought I had good rhythm, but it is totally another a story when you’ve got to think about both hands and both feet doing separate things. It was unexpectedly, but awesomely, much harder than I thought it’d be.

We progressed relatively quickly from the simple beat by adding layers and layers of complexity by adding in more drums and variations. The concentration was really intense and the satisfaction once I successfully got through one of the rounds without making any mistakes was amazing!

I enjoyed every second of my drumming lesson and would definitely love to progress further.

– Yael, London

I love my drum lessons, they are fun and informative. My teacher is friendly, easy to follow and very well prepared…

In just the first couple of months, I already feel like we have built a solid foundation for me to work with and develop good habits…

I only thought I would give it a go with a taster lesson on the drums and probably wouldn’t be any good at it, but now it looks like I am addicted… Well, there are worse things to be addicted to! I’ll happily be a drums addict.

– Freddie, East London

Dan is highly skilled as both a drummer and an instructor. You can’t help but realize after your very first lesson that he’s passionate about what he does and keen to pass on the knowledge

– Drew, Waterloo

I had been thinking about taking drumming lessons for some time, and I am so pleased I finally did it. The lessons are kept interesting, the material is tailored to your skill level and interests, and it is so satisfying when you feel yourself progress

– Jo, Wandsworth

I went to my first drum lesson convinced that I would have no rhythm, but I wanted to give it a go anyway.  I was really impressed with myself that I was able to get into drumming so quickly (thanks to great communication and patience from my teacher!).  I learned the basics of a groove and getting coordinated to play the drum kit within the first lesson.  Thanks!

– Alex, Camden

My teacher is informative, flexible and passionate within the lessons. Its not like being at ‘school’ and having to do set tasks, we go at a pace that suits us both which makes the lessons all the more enjoyable

– John, Bankside

I enjoyed the classes a lot, but I didn’t expect I was going to improve so much!! I mean, I wanted to refine my technique but I didn’t know how important it is, and how important a good teacher is.

Now, after four months practicing my hand technique has improved so much…

I contacted several drum teachers, but I chose Elephant Drums because of your email answer. It seemed very serious and professional and you gave me the answer I was wondering. Now I know I did the right choice.

– Raul, Spain

I took a short course of lessons to help me prepare for a special gig. He got me working on all kinds of new techniques that really increased my skills and gave me the confidence to give a great performance at the gig. I hope to go back for more lessons soon, to take my playing to the next level!

– Jonathan, Tower Hamlets

The booking in advance process was really easy, and the teacher was very friendly and accommodating. I felt at ease yet motivated and got so much out of the lessons, I bought my brother a gift voucher for lessons for his birthday. Highly recommended.

– Donna, Camberwell

In the space of just 12 months I have made huge improvements in all aspects of my playing. The way I think about the drum kit has changed completely!

I had already been playing drums self-taught for about a year by looking at videos on Youtube and trying to follow some online courses. But it was only when I started taking drum lessons with you guys that I realised how radically important it is to find a good teacher…!

I now know how to be aware of a lot more things when playing. My technique, coordination, timing, and musicality are 100% because of my lessons. Thanks so much for showing me the path!

– Adrian, Fulham

My son has been a student with the Elephant Drums collective for the last 2 and a half years. Right from the very first lesson I was hugely impressed with his tutor’s patience and creativity. My son has not lost his enthusiasm since that first lesson. He always looks forward to his drum lessons and is now playing confidently in a band with friends from school. He loves that the lessons apply all the essential technical exercises and hard work expected of him, to the music he loves to listen to. We both have no hesitations in recommending you to others.

– Johanne, Hackney

We really want to thank you for inspiring Rob to learn the drums and to keep learning over the last few years. He seems to be genuinely enjoying his course and is achieving positive results. He is also enjoying the chance to have extra tutorials from visiting musicians.

For someone who has been so focused on computers it has been a huge relief for me to know that Rob has another interest that he can be passionate about and I really have to credit you for making this possible.

– Wendy, East Dulwich

I started out as a total beginner and feel very lucky that I found Elephant Drums. I’ve been making steady progress and absolutely loving it. The lessons fit very nicely around my schedule as a freelance graphic designer; it helps so much to be able to do lessons in the morning or afternoon, or even late at night on the odd occasion. I really appreciate the flexibility and I’m glad Elephant Drums is not set up exactly like a “school”. The personal approach is really great.

– Chris, Lewisham

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