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Band Builder Sessions – Workshops, Rehearsals and Performance

Band Builder is our series of band workshops to help take the music you have been learning in lessons to the next level. You’ll meet other like-minded musicians and go through the process of forming a band, discussing songs, choosing your band name, rehearsing, and preparing for your performance together.

Our tutors are on hand to give help and advice on technical and musical questions, whilst giving practical guidance via a series of workshops.

Vocals | Guitars | Drums | Bass

Two hours per week at a Central London studio.

  • Band Coaching

  • Music Workshops

  • Performance Skills

  • Creative Development

  • Play a Live Gig

How it Works

Participants are matched according to musical tastes and experience and create a band.

Each workshop is one hour and each facilitated rehearsal is one hour. These run back-to-back to create a two-hour session per week. In the fifth week there’s an extra rehearsal session before the performance.
There will also be a follow-up social session after the performance to include presentation of the certificates.

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The Workshops

Week 1

‘Playing as a Band’ – song selection, knowing your band, listening & locking in, creating cues and endings.

Week 2

‘Communication’ – techniques for giving non-verbal signals, how to maintain good communication on stage and in rehearsals, understanding the language of other instruments.

Week 3

‘Musical Evolution’ – creative techniques, songwriting tips, evolving your band’s sound and identity.

Week 4

‘Getting It Wrong’ – methods for handling mistakes, how to turn challenges into opportunities, knowing your options and alternatives.

Week 5

‘Gig Checklist’ – preparing for a gig, sound check, equipment, dealing with nerves, stage presence, the business of gigging.

Also in Week 5:

‘Dress Rehearsal’ – to iron out any technical, musical or performance issues.


At a live music venue.
Afterwards – post-gig feedback and appraisal. Presentation of certificates.

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Band Builder - Band Workshops

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