Drum Forum Winter 2015

Drum Forum

Winter 2015

The Drum Forum is a place to get together with like-minded drummers learning drums in London and discuss drum-related topics.

The topics to be discussed are decided at the previous forum session and the sessions take place about every 3 months at one of the Elephant Drums studios.

This season’s forum topics are below. The session is informal, refreshments are provided, and it’s open to current members. Please sign up via your teacher if you’d like to join the session.


Date: 24 January 2015, 11am
Topics: (See below)
Location: Elephant Drums studio

Drum Forum (Winter 2015)

Learning songs by ear

How to develop listening skills to hear and work out the drum parts in a song. Tools and resources available to help work out what the drummer is doing. Discussion on experiences in this area.


Your internal mixer

Practical tips and techniques to help develop dynamic control and discussion around inter-dependence of the limbs to create a great feeling groove.

Recording drum parts

Following on from the two previous topics… Using internal dynamics and knowing the drum parts inside-out, to record practice sessions and effectively learn from listening back to recordings of yourself.

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