Sound It Out

Music Workshop Week


Sound It Out is a free, open access week of music workshops in Brixton during August 2014. It is aimed at young musicians aged 13 – 19, giving them access to musical equipment, resources, training and mentoring. Elephant Drums is co-organising and facilitating the workshops during the week, providing the drumming equipment and drum tutoring.


Dates: 6 – 16 August 2014
Who can take part: Ages 13 – 19
Location: Brixton, London

Free music workshops in Brixton

Community engagement

We are coordinating a skill-share aspect to the week, with local experienced musicians sharing their experiences and knowledge with the participants.


Music activities for all

The participants can specialise in drums, guitar, bass, singing, music production, or mix it up between the various topics.

Final Performance

At the end of the week the participants will run their own live outdoor gig on Saturday 16 August, performing the music they have written during the week.

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