Live Band Workshop


Jam + Social = JamSocial

Meet other musicians learning an instrument in a non-judgmental and relaxed setting. JamSocial is aimed at players who have learnt the basics and are ready to take their playing to the next stage.


Performance Experience

JamSocial is all about breaking down the barriers to performing. Develop stage skills and build confidence in playing music with other musicians live on stage.


From The Practice Room To The Stage

You’ll work on the material and learn the parts for the songs during your one-to-one lessons running up to the JamSocial event. Friendly tutors will be there to help out on the day too.

Turbo-charge Your Playing

Attending a JamSocial workshop is a great way to motivate yourself and really focus on your practice. All learning materials are provided in advance so you can learn your parts.


And Afterwards...

Many of the musicians who have met at previous JamSocial workshop sessions have continued to practice together and many have gone on to play full gigs professionally or as a hobby.

JamSocial is a music performance workshop for adults learning an instrument to come together in a non-judgemental environment to develop band skills, build confidence and break down the barriers to performing on stage.

Free Tickets for Elephant Drums members

JamSocial is an intensive workshop with a group of like-minded musicians and friendly tutors. By the end of the workshop you will have formed a band and performed the selected songs on stage in front of an invited audience.

Price = £49 per person.

FREE ENTRY with an active Elephant Drums membership (registration for JamSocial is required, spaces are limited, and you’ll need to have been having lessons for long enough that you will be ready for the performance aspect of it).

JamSocial Ticket

About JamSocial

What is JamSocial?

JamSocial is all about breaking down the barriers to performing. It’s also about developing stage skills and confidence in playing music with other like-minded musicians.

Who is it for?

Drummers from Elephant Drums join other instrumentalists; guitarists, bassists, percussionists, vocalists, plus others. Participants form bands to jam and perform on stage.

When and Where?

JamSocial workshops happen at a real live music venue in London. Additional one-to-one lessons may be required in the weeks leading up to the session date to prepare participants for the workshop.

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