Terms and Conditions


These Terms and Conditions (“the Terms”) set out the relationship between your Elephant Drums teacher/teachers (“the Teacher”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”) and the person engaging any of our services (“You”, “Your”, “Student”, “Subscriber”, “Purchaser”).

The Terms are divided into the following sections to make it easy to locate the relevant information:

1. Drum Lessons

Everything to do with arranging lessons, and our cancellation policies.

2. Gift Vouchers

Specific Terms relevant to the purchase and redemption of gift vouchers.

3. Courses & Block-Bookings

Additional Terms for anyone booking a course or purchasing a block of lessons in advance.

4. Membership / Monthly Subscription Service

Terms and Conditions regarding extra member benefits for subscribers to our monthly plan.

5. General Terms and Conditions of using this Website

The Terms which apply to anyone browsing the website with or without making a purchase.

1. Drum Lessons

1.1. Lessons are non-transferable.

The drum lesson(s) are for the named recipient only and are to take place at the time and location agreed in advance.

1.2. Changes to agreed lesson times are permitted under the following conditions:

    i) More than 48 hours notice = No cost, your lesson will be rearranged for another time.
    ii) 24 hours to 48 hours notice = 50% of lesson cost, your remaining 50% lesson will be arranged for another time.
    iii) Less than 24 hours notice = Full cost of lesson due, you will not receive a replacement lesson.

1.3. Lessons must end at the agreed end time.

If you are late for whatever reason the lesson cannot usually run beyond the agreed lesson end time. Genuine unavoidable lateness (for example, due to public transport delays / strikes / service cancellations) will always be considered and we will do our best to compensate for ‘lost time’, although we offer no guarantee that this will be possible. You must notify the teacher on their mobile phone by text message or phone call if you are running late for your lesson.

1.4. You must contact your teacher if you need to rearrange a lesson for another time.

As long as you contact your teacher with enough notice (see 1.2. above), you can reschedule the agreed lesson slot for another time.

1.5. Missing or forgetting a lesson will incur the full cost of the lesson.

If the student doesn’t show up to an arranged lesson it is treated as “cancelled with less than 24 hours notice”, and the teacher’s lesson fee will be due.

1.6. Dates and times for regular lessons are arranged directly with the teacher.

Elephant Drums is an association of independent self-employed drum teachers, and arrangements for on-going lessons are the responsibility of the individual teacher. Elephant Drums is not a tuition agency so all arrangements for drum lessons are made directly with the teacher.

1.7. If your drum teacher is ill or on holiday you will not be charged the lesson fee (or your teacher will arrange for another tutor to cover the lesson).

Your teacher will do everything in their power to ensure there are no gaps in tuition provision, but in the scenario the teacher is ill or on holiday we cannot guarantee another teacher will be able to cover your session. However, in the scenario that your teacher cancels an agreed lesson slot then the teacher will not charge for the cancelled lesson. Wherever possible, your teacher will make alternative arrangements for a cover (‘dep’) tutor with your prior consent.

1.8. Any changes to on-going lesson arrangements are made between the student and the individual teacher.

To swap to a different teacher (for example, to study a specialist subject) or change the location of lessons (for example, from home tuition to studio tuition, or from one studio to another studio location) speak to your drum teacher about any available options so a smooth hand-over can be arranged. Otherwise, all 1-to-1 lessons will always be with the same teacher for continuity and to maintain progress.


1.9. The money-back guarantee:

    i) If you are a new client making a payment for the first time you have 14 days from the date of your order to change your mind (the “cooling off” period).
    ii) If you decide to cancel within 14 days of placing your order you will receive a full refund, provided that this is before the date of the first lesson is confirmed.
    iii) When a lesson date and time has been confirmed the conditions set out in 1.2. above will prevail.

2. Gift Vouchers

2.1. Gift vouchers are non-transferable and can only be redeemed by the named recipient.

The voucher recipient’s name is printed on the voucher, along with their unique voucher code.

2.2. Vouchers are valid for the number of lessons displayed on the voucher.

The purchaser is responsible for selecting the number of drum lessons to display on the voucher. The recipient of the voucher can purchase additional lessons as required.

2.3. The lesson(s) must be booked by contacting Elephant Drums.

The contact details are printed on the voucher. The recipient of the voucher (not the purchaser) will need to contact Elephant Drums when ready to arrange the time for their lesson(s).

2.4. The voucher must be used before the expiry date shown on the voucher.

The expiry date is clearly printed on the voucher and is usually 12 months from the date of purchase, unless otherwise specified.

2.5. The voucher has no resale value and cannot be sold or exchanged for cash.

The voucher gives the named recipient the specified number of drum lessons and it cannot be re-sold or transferred to a different recipient.

2.6. No-quibble 14-day money-back guarantee.

The purchaser of a voucher pack may cancel their purchase and receive a full refund within 14 days of the order date (as long as the complete voucher pack is returned by post and the voucher and other contents of the pack have not been used). The buyer is responsible for the cost of return postage.

3. Courses & Block-Bookings

3.1. Lessons booked as a course / block-booking should be taken no less frequently than one lesson per month.

Gaps between lessons of more than one month (that have not been agreed in advance with your teacher) will automatically suspend the remainder of the course. Suspended courses may be reactivated within 6 months, subject to payment of the reactivation fee. Courses left suspended for longer than 6 months shall be deemed fully expired.

3.2. Reactivation of suspended courses.

In the case of a suspended course (a gap between lessons greater than one month) it may be possible to reactivate the course or gift voucher by payment of a reactivation fee*.

* The reactivation fee is the cost of a full lesson at our standard rate (currently £45).

3.3. You may arrange with your teacher to suspend lessons or courses (e.g. for holidays or an extended period away).

If you know you will be unable to attend drum lessons for a specified period of time, contact your teacher to agree when lessons will resume. This will mean you will not incur the reactivation fee for suspended lessons.

4. Membership / Monthly Subscription Service

This section contains the terms and conditions for the “Drum Pass” subscription plan. The previous sections also apply.

4.1. Member benefits and offers are available to subscribers who pay by monthly direct debit or recurring card payment.

Membership is a monthly subscription to a package of special benefits including, but not limited to, a discount on each and every drum lesson plus free drum lessons at specific intervals (usually one free lesson every 10th session completed).

4.2. All additional benefits are treated as supplementary “add-ons” to drum lessons, not integral to drum lessons.

We reserve the right to amend, alter, cancel, suspend, or reset additional benefits if deemed necessary at our discretion or if a third party supplier can no longer provide a benefit – for example, if tickets have sold out.

4.3. Some Member benefits may be subject to certain restrictions.

There may be age restrictions or usage restrictions on certain events, activities, or imposed by third-party suppliers. We will always endeavour to notify subscribers of any restrictions. In some cases, a minimum of 3 months continuous Membership is required to be eligible for most popular events (this is because the registration date will be 3 months in advance for the most popular events). Ceasing to be a subscriber within the period leading up to a booked event will mean the full cost of the event will be chargeable at the general public rate.

4.4. Your Teacher will provide a free drum lesson at periodic intervals to reward commitment to on-going lessons, provided that you have met the conditions set out here:

A free drum lesson is usually provided by your teacher after 9 consecutive paid lessons at the teacher’s tuition fee rate, provided that you have been up to date with all payments, not missed or cancelled any drum lessons, and you have attended drum lessons on a regular basis as reasonably defined by your teacher.

Your teacher has the right to withdraw any or all free lessons from your membership package if you have missed, cancelled or postponed any lessons you booked, or for any reason. The maximum frequency of free drum lessons is one in every ten lessons, representing up to 10% discount on lesson fees, with no more than one free lesson every three months, up to a maximum of four free lessons per year (i.e. one per quarter), provided that all the other conditions are met. Free lessons cannot be ‘carried over’ or stored up, and cannot be exchanged, transferred, gifted or sold to anyone else.

4.5. Member benefits are valid only when a monthly subscription is active.

Membership runs per calendar month, starting on the day the first month’s subscription payment is received.

4.6. The specific Membership/subscription cancellation terms are as follows:

    i) After the minimum initial period of one month the term of the membership is on a rolling month-by-month basis.
    ii) To cancel membership, simply let your teacher know you are intending to stop lessons and you must also email info@elephantdrums.co.uk to inform the office to cancel your monthly subscription to the membership package.
    iii) You must give at least 7 days written notice by email to ensure that the subscription to the membership package is cancelled before the next payment due date.
    iv) Membership will terminate on the agreed cancellation date and all member benefits will be removed.
    v) If membership cancellation falls within a monthly membership period the membership will roll to the end of the current monthly subscription period.
    vi) Membership fees are non-refundable and you cannot retrospectively cancel previous months or backdate your cancellation.
    vii) The subscription to the membership package ‘rolls on’ on an indefinite month-by-month basis unless you submit notice to cancel.

4.7. Pausing or Temporarily Suspending Membership

It is fine to ‘pause’ drum lessons by discussing this with your teacher in advance so that he/she can rearrange their schedule when you are away. The following sub-clauses apply if you wish to pause your subscription to the monthly membership package:

    i) Pausing a membership means you will not pay the monthly subscription fee during your ‘time off’ from drumming (it also means all your member benefits are suspended too).
    ii) Failure to notify in advance of an extended absence will mean the membership fee will continue to be paid. You accept that any weeks or months where you do not have a lesson for any reason, and where you have not arranged to ‘pause’ your membership payments, are subject to payment of the monthly membership fee as normal.
    iii) You will need to give at least 7 days written notice by email to info@elephantdrums.co.uk if you need to ‘pause’ your membership and indicate the date you wish membership to resume.
    iv) Membership cannot be retrospectively ‘paused’ from an earlier date. It is your responsibility to notify us of extended absences in advance of their occurrence.
    v) If you do not resume your drum lessons at the agreed time or you do not get in touch to notify your teacher that you wish to extend the suspension period, then your membership will be terminated and the reactivation fee as explained in 3.2. above will apply if you wish to reactivate it again in future.

5. General Terms and Conditions of using this Website

By browsing and using this website, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use:

Please view these terms in conjunction with our Privacy Policy

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