Drum shops and online music stores go crazy!

It’s a relatively new phenomenon in the UK. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been steadily growing in popularity in the last few years. And this year even more drum shops and music retailers in the UK are getting in on the action.

Let’s take a look at what all of this means for us drummers, and talk about the rise of Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the UK from a musician’s perspective.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

What is Black Friday?

In the United States, Black Friday is the shopping day following Thanksgiving (the fourth Thursday in November). It’s thought of as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season and retailers offer discounts and deals to encourage shoppers to get in that Festive-commercial spirit. In some ways it is an awful cynical corporate invention, but in other ways it’s a way to pick up some great deals before shop prices get marked up for Christmas.

In the UK, we’re quite new to the concept of Black Friday. Despite some teething problems in the first couple of years (who could forget the scenes of frenzied shoppers fighting over products in Asda and Tesco?), it is likely that it is now firmly here to stay.

The good news for drummers and music enthusiasts is that you’re unlikely to encounter quite the same problems of queues and over-hype surrounding the massive general retail shops. Music shops are a relatively small niche so a Black Friday shopping experience may have the benefits of discounts on offer, without the need to turn into a physical fight with the next customer as you scramble for the best deal.

This year we’ve seen Black Friday deals in drum shops on almost all the products including drum kits, cymbals, percussion, drum skins, sticks, books, accessories and hardware.

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is the Monday following Black Friday and it is mainly for online shops only. It is advertised as the “biggest online shopping day of the year”.

It has got somewhat blurred with Black Friday so that the full weekend from Friday to Monday is a now discounting frenzy for both physical and online shops. In the UK we didn’t really have Cyber Monday or Black Friday until recently when the concept was imported from the States, so the distinction between the two events is less clear anyway.

Black Friday drums and percussion

Drums and Percussion deals

We’ve spotted many great deals at the local drum shops here in London. Too many to list each and every one in this article. But we encourage you to get down to your local drum shop to check them out.

If you have a drummer in your life and they are looking for something special, this is certainly a great time of year to pick up a bargain.

Here at Elephant Drums we’re not a retail shop, we do Drum Tuition in London. The good news is, we have great offers available at all times of year – not just on Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Where to look for Black Friday deals

As mentioned above, there are just too many deals to include here, but check out some of the following drum shops. This is a list of some of the London drum stores and music shops local to us. Remember we’re based in London UK, so we’re not listing drum shops all over the country or from around the world. However, we’d encourage you to support your local music shop if you have one.

London Drum Shops:
Drumshack (Clapham Junction), Footes Music (Central London), Bell Percussion (Acton), PMT (Romford), London Drum Company (Croydon), Wembley Drum Centre (Wembley), Eric Lindsey Music (Catford), Yamaha Music (Central London).

Drum Lessons in London

At Elephant Drums we do private lessons, run drum workshops, and hold community music events.

Visit our website to find out more: www.elephantdrums.co.uk

We also have a great range of gift vouchers for everyone from total beginners to experienced drummers.

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