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Use the Lesson Chooser below. The Lesson Chooser will guide you to the relevant section of the website based on your answers to some simple questions about what you are looking for.

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Question 1: Are the drum lessons for yourself or someone else?

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Got a Voucher?

If you’ve received a drum lesson voucher please contact us using the contact details and information shown on your voucher.

If you do not have a drum lesson voucher please continue below.

Question: Would you like to book a Taster Lesson or start a course straight away?

If you have never played drums before or if you would like to find out more about our lessons we usually recommend having a Taster Session before committing to a course. If you are confident in starting a course of lessons and want to commit for one month or more, have a look at our course options.


If it’s your first lesson with Elephant Drums (any level from beginner to advanced) you are welcome to take advantage of our introductory discount.

Special Offer: £15 OFF your first lesson

£45 £30

or start a membership and your Taster lesson is FREE


You can book individual lessons on a Pay-As-You-Go basis or start a course.

One Lesson

Book ad-hoc sessions as and when you want them.

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£45 without membership

£27 with membership

Members save 40% on lesson fees

Every 10th lesson is included free.

Question: Would you prefer to pay for your course in advance (full amount) or spread the costs on a Pay-As-You-Go basis?

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Great savings by booking a block of lessons in advance. These are fixed-length courses. We offer a Mini Course (1 month) and Short Course (3 months).

Mini Course

1 month

Full Price £180 for 1 month

Offer Price £155 SAVE £25

Short Course

3 months

Full Price £450 for 3 months

Offer Price £360 SAVE £90

Both the Short Course and Mini Course are all-inclusive, so you do not need to pay a membership in addition to the course fee. The courses are paid in advance as a one-time payment.

Pay As You Go

The alternative to booking a block of lessons in full.

PAYG Membership spreads the cost of lessons and provides all the flexibility you need to build a course to suit your exact schedule and requirements. There’s no time limit to complete the course and you only pay when you have a lesson so if your budget doesn’t stretch to one of the courses shown above, PAYG Membership is the option for you!

The prices shown on this page are for private one-to-one drum lessons. If you are interested in a one-to-two lesson (learn with a friend), please contact us for further details. For details of group classes, workshops, events, masterclasses, team-building and the stress-beaters program please get in touch.

Got a Voucher?

If you’ve received a voucher please get in touch using the contact details and information shown on your voucher.

Booking drum lessons for someone else

Gift Voucher

Book drum lessons as a gift

We have a great range of drum lesson vouchers so you can give drum lessons as a gift.

Voucher packs come with FREE DRUM STICKS so the recipient can open up a real gift on the day they receive their voucher.

The person receiving the voucher can then get in touch to arrange the time and day for their drum lesson(s) included on the voucher at a time that is convenient for them. You don’t need to book a specific time or day for them to use their voucher – the recipient has a whole year to use it!

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For more information about what is involved in the different options for lessons and courses please visit the Drum Tuition: Lessons & Courses page.

Gift VouchersGift? To order drum lessons as a gift, please see Gift Voucher packages (includes a personalised gift voucher and a free pair of drum sticks).


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