Availability of drum lesson slots

In general, drum lessons are available every day from 10am to 9.30pm. At the weekends the lessons usually run from 10am to 5.30pm.

There are ‘peak’ times and ‘off-peak’ times. The peak times are the most popular in-demand times of day for sessions. Off-peak times are less busy and therefore the best availability is during off-peak hours.

Overview – Peak and Off-Peak times:

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Booking a Lesson

When you book a lesson, you’ll select the days and times that you are available from the online availability calendar.

It’s very easy to book a lesson and select your preferences. Simply visit Book A Lesson to get started.

You can switch from peak to off-peak sessions (or vice versa) if you need to from week-to-week, subject to availability.

Drum Lessons and Courses:


Location for Drum Lessons:

Studio Tuition

Drum lessons take place at one of the fully-equipped drum studios in London. Your details will be matched to the studio which is most conveniently located for where you live or work, based on your availability for lessons. All studios are within easy reach of public transport links. Lessons at the studios take place using professional full-size acoustic drum kits. View the studio locations.

Home Tuition

If you have a drum kit at your home (acoustic drums or an electronic drum kit), a tutor can come to your location to teach the lesson. The availability of home lessons varies throughout the week. If you are considering home tuition it is best to contact us first to discuss your requirements. Home visits may be subject to additional travel expenses depending on your location. For further details please see the Home Tuition page.

Gift Vouchers:

Want to book drum lessons as a gift for someone else?

Gift Vouchers make an ideal present for a friend, relative or colleague for any occasion such as birthdays, Christmas, congratulations, thank you, anniversary, or any special occasion. Buy a gift voucher and we’ll also send a free pair of drum sticks to make it a great gift package.

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