One-to-Two Drum Lessons

For many practical reasons the best way to learn to play the drum kit is by taking individual one-to-one drum lessons. In certain circumstances it is possible to have two people learning together, or occasionally as small group classes.

Where two people want to have drum lessons at the same time, it is called One-to-Two learning (one tutor, two learners).

It can be challenging and fun to have a friend or partner to work with – think of it like having a training partner.

Things to consider

There are quite a lot of considerations to take into account before going down this route. Ask yourselves these questions before requesting one-to-two lessons:

  • Are both people in the pair able to commit to attending drum lessons at the same time on a regular basis?
  • Are both of you able to practice the same amount between sessions?
  • Are both partners at approximately the same level of experience/skill with drumming or music in general? (or without previous experience of playing drums)

If the answer to any of those questions is no, then it is unlikely that one-to-two lessons will be appropriate for your situation. In this case it would be far better for you both to start individual one-to-one lessons.

Do one-to-two lessons work?

In our experience over the years of teaching drums, partners come with all the best intentions in the world to continue taking lessons together at the same time, but for numerous practical or personal reasons it tends to drop off after a few weeks. For example, if one person in the pair gets called in to work or goes sick, then the other person has to attend the lesson on their own or they cancel the session. When one person in the pair goes a session ahead of the other it puts the lessons out of sync, causing an imbalance in future sessions.

Our recommendation

Here at Elephant Drums we offered one-to-two lessons as an option for many years. However, at the start of 2018 we took the decision to withdraw this option, except in very special circumstances. We will consider requests for one-to-two lessons but we now no longer recommend it as an effective learning route unless the two people in the pair are both dedicated to learning and working together both in the lessons and equally committed to practice between sessions.

How to start lessons

To begin one-to-two lessons, each person in the pair will first need to have their own individual one-to-one introductory session separately. After the individual introductory sessions, the tutor will assess whether joining the session into one-to-two sessions will be workable, devise a teaching plan which suits the needs of the two people in the pair, and further discuss the timescales and learning objectives of the pair.

Our standard rate for the second person is +50% of our advertised one-to-one rates.

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One-to-Two rate = £67.50

If you need to change a pre-booked lesson due to holidays or illness your lesson will simply roll over to the following week. Please read the FAQ section for further details.

Introductory discount

One-to-One session – Your first lesson will be £30 each.

Each person in the pair must book their own introductory session (click for details).

New students only.

Ongoing lessons are charged at +50% of our published prices for one-to-one lessons.

Please note that our online booking system does not automatically adjust for one-to-two lessons and this type of lesson is subject to special arrangement and availability.
Please refer to the terms of booking for our policy on cancellations.

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